Your first step toward a new future with your dog!

Working with the horse is a way of life for me. He’s my livelihood, my hobby, my passion. If given a little thought, a little understanding, and a little common sense, the horse gives back in full measure. If the human can give 5%, the horse will come from the other side with 95%. The horse never ceases to amaze me with what he can get done with very little help from the human.
~ Ray Hunt

It’s the same for me with dogs, only more so.
~ Spence Wood

Educators receive 10% off all services! Reach out and I’ll get you set up! Thanks for caring about our kids!!

What I Will Teach You and Your Dog

I aim to improve your lives together. This means learning elements of basic obedience (sit, down, loose leash walking, recall, and place) and understanding two general behavior rules; don’t be rude ever and stay with me when we are outside. Combined we end up with dogs that are a pleasure to be around, that we understand more fully, and that in turn offer desired behaviors to us easily.

When we learn to think like a dog, our dogs gain confidence in us as their partners. When this happens, behaviors such as anxiousness, reactivity, tugging, and misplaced aggression all begin to diminish.

What Your Dog Will Experience Staying With Me

Your dog will be part of my family, living and being trained right here at my home. We live on a beautiful 3.5 acre piece of hill country. Our neighbors are about 100 yards on either side with no one back behind us. It is quiet, serene, full of deer, squirrels, rabbits, ringtails and more.

Our main training yard is about an acre and offers low to medium levels of distraction for the dogs. It includes large boulders for environmental agility, tall grass for sniffing, tons of trees, and a makeshift agility course. In addition we have an enclosed potty yard where your dog will have an opportunity to run off leash and take care of business. Finally, we have a giant cedar and oak forest just north of our home where our property connects with many of our neighbors.

This wooded area is a large green space that buffers our community from the traffic on 1431 nearly one mile away. It is a very private and secluded place where your dog will have a blast recharging and finding their best possible self. From here it is only about 3 miles to Veterans Park where your dog will experience various field trips and where our Sunday pack walks usually take place. Once your pup is venturing out to Veterans’ Park, it won’t be long before I’ll be taking him on more field trips to big box stores, soccer games, and track and swim meets. Your dog will definitely work while here, but she’ll also have a lot of fun.

Getting Started, Group Classes, and Package Options

Once we’ve met and learned about you and your dog, you’ll need to choose a package so we can move forward. I will have given you my recommendation when we met. With my opinion and your own thoughts, you’ll be ready to select the training option that works best for you. I have packages for all budgets. They all work. 

What is the difference between 1:1 and Day Training? With the 1:1 Sessions you’ll get more personalized instruction to help keep your dog on track, but we’ll only meet for about an hour. With the Day Training, I’ll personally work with your dog multiple times throughout the day and head them in the right direction before giving you some basic instruction to maintain the progression. Most people like to have one of each to get a good start with their dog’s learning and gain significant personal coaching. 

If you want to get your training well on its way so that you can really start enjoying your dog in all environments, then consider the Board and Train. With a Board and Train you’ll have a dog that knows all basic obedience and performs exceptionally well in a diverse set of environments. You’ll also get significant personalized instruction and have lifetime access to me for assistance and guidance. 

I’ve had clients with great success across each of these offerings. When we meet, I’ll give you my honest opinion regarding what I think you and your dog need. Let’s get started with an initial assessment and start making progress!

Next Steps

Services – Contact Me for Booking

Phone Consult

Just need to chat for a minute before you proceed? Shoot me a text or call and we can talk things through.

1:1 Session

These are a great, cost effective method to make progress with your dog and learn improved leash technique and leadership skills.  Usually around 1.5 – 2 hours.

$200 per session.

Pay in full at time of booking

Day Training

After we’ve met and assessed things with your dog, you can book Day Training sessions with me.

Jump start or tune up your dog’s obedience and behavior. I provide a structured environment that minimizes negative behaviors and focuses on improvements.


Requires signed service agreement and copy of vet records showing that the dog is current on vaccinations and free of disease or communicable illness.


Pay in full at time of booking


I offer Boarding services on a limited basis and prioritize clients with dogs that I have worked with. If your dog has been part of my training, I will work to tune up his/her training while boarding. For dogs that I have not worked with, I will do basic work necessary for daily operations, but this isn’t a board and train so I won’t be engaging in formal training.

Requires signed service agreement and copy of vet records showing that the dog is current on vaccinations and free of disease or communicable illness.

$100 per night

Pay in full at time of booking

Board and Train

The most effective path for long-term transformations with your dog. Your dog will be one of no more than five training dogs living in a very structured environment in my home with regular progressive training and behavior management. Mastery of all basic obedience skills.

  •  Loose-leash walking
  • Sit
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down
  • Down-Stay
  • Place
  • Recall (come). 

You will receive multiple training sessions prior to the go-home period and multiple follow-up sessions in your home and at useful training locations for your needs. 

Most dogs do great with around three weeks of training. Beyond 3 weeks we are usually dealing with behavioral challenges or simply more difficult dogs. There is no increased fee, just more time. 

Requires signed service agreement and copy of vet records showing that the dog is current on vaccinations and free of disease or communicable illness.

3-6 Weeks 


50% due at time of booking.

Balance due at start of training.

Dog and Handler Classes